Volunteering for UNSDG by Empowering Youths and Women with Digital Skills  for Content Creation on our Canva for NGO (EDTECH) to kickstart Entrepreneurship, Freelance, Advocacy, and Activism within AfCFTA

Amaan Africa VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon Winners - July 2023

About Us

Amaan Africa is a Cameroonian based CSO with a special mandate to help African communities build back better after the adverse effects of COVID19 by volunteering for the Global Goals, Promoting AfCFTA, advocating for AUC-WYFEI2030 initiative through EDTECH.

Carry out Capacity building to impact Youths and Women with Digital skills for SDG1.

Advocate for Gender Equality (SDG5) to end all forms of GBV in Cameroon and the African communities.

Partner (SDG17) with local and international organizations to combat the drastic effects of Hunger (SDG2) and Climate Change (SDG13).

Advocate for African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) by creating awareness through trainings, workshops and events like VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon.


We are a community of skillful volunteers who are ready to embrace change and try the lifestyle of other cultures. We have identified the pain points in our African society and have come up with innovative solutions like VOVO, CERTUS, #STOCOVID19, ALA, and CULVILLA to curb unemployment and boost economic growth for SDG in this digital age.

Volunteering for the Global Goals

We are passionate volunteers impacting Content Developer Skills to Youths and Women to amplify their voices with their limited resources. We are using Canva software to teach skills like Graphic Design, digital marketing and content creation. Our objective is not only to introduce them to multiple streams of income but also for them to Advocate for UNSDG and AfCFTA in a more professional way.

Promoting ecommerce in the AfCFTA

Awareness and Capacity building for Youths and Women to acquire Digital Skills and trade within AfCFTA so that they can be among the 30Million people estimated to be lifted out of poverty by $450Billion income boost in Africa by 2035.

Digital Skills Development & Craftsmanship

Train Youths, Women and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) due to the ongoing Crisis in Cameroon with craftsmanship, hard and soft skills for self sustainability to ensure a prosperous Life on Land (SDG15) in Peace, Security and Harmony.

Amaan Africa 4th Anniversary celebration (April 2024) with Orphans at CIBAEVA Orphanage Dschang, West Region Cameroon
Free Digital Skills training in Partnership with Passion Collective - Atomic Grants USA in Yaounde, Center Region Cameroon

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