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Citisformation-POWERBACHE Education is a Vocational Training Institute approved by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training since 2006. CITIS means Cameroon Institute of Technology and Industrial Studies and for 18 years now, POWERBACHE EDUCATION has been providing top-notch education and hands-on training to help students achieve their dreams and become gainfully employed or self-employed ( Entrepreneurship ). Are you a student? A job seeker or a worker? we are ready to help you Upskill.

For students, Powerbache Education provides a solid foundation that supports academic excellence and personal development to equip them with the skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Job seekers, on the other hand, benefit from tailored resources and vocational skills that enhance their employability.

Workers looking to advance their careers can also find immense value in Powerbache Education. We offer continuous learning programs and professional development courses designed to keep them ahead of industry trends.

In the transformative journey towards achieving SDG1 (No Poverty), vocational skills hold a crucial place. Vocational skills, often referred to as technical or trade skills, encompass the practical abilities and knowledge necessary for specific trades, crafts, or careers. These skills are essential for the prosperity and development of communities, particularly for the youths in Cameroon. Vocational skills enable individuals to secure employment, start their own businesses, and contribute to the socio-economic growth.

Studying at a vocational institution like POWERBACH EDUCATION offers unparalleled benefits. Their practical approach ensures that students are job-ready upon graduation, equipped with the skills demanded by employers. Students can quickly transition into the workforce, filling critical roles in various industries and driving economic development.

PowerBache Education Institution is committed to fostering the skills necessary for a thriving future. The diverse range of courses is designed to cater to the dynamic needs of today’s job market. Enroll Powerbache Education today and obtain your Vocational Qualification Diploma in just 1 year. Below are the courses available for 2024- 2024 Academic Year;

Empowering Cameroonians with Computer and ICT training is a crucial step towards achieving poverty alleviation. This training equips students with essential digital skills, fostering tech-savvy entrepreneurs and workers who can drive innovation and economic growth. Computer literacy paves the way for a digitally inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in an increasingly connected world.

Tailoring and Fashion design are thriving industries with the potential to drive cultural expression and economic empowerment. This course provides the skills needed to create, market, and sell unique fashion pieces, fostering entrepreneurship and creativity. By nurturing talent in this field, students are empowered to build successful businesses that contribute to economic development and cultural heritage.

A career in secretary ship offers a gateway to numerous opportunities in the business and administrative sectors. This training focuses on developing organizational, communication, and management skills, which are essential for ensuring efficient operations in any workplace. By fostering these competencies, we help build a foundation for professional growth and economic prosperity, particularly for women seeking stable and rewarding careers. Dig deep into Executive Secretaryship, Office automation secretaryship, Bilingual Secretaryship and Accounting Secretaryship.

Health care training is fundamental to achieving universal health coverage and improving the well-being of communities. This courses equips students with the skills needed to provide quality medical care, promote public health, and address health disparities, become certified laboratory technicians etc. By investing in healthcare education, we ensure a healthier, more resilient population that can actively participate in sustainable development and economic progress.

The food catering and hotel management industry plays a significant role in tourism and hospitality which are key sectors for economic growth. This course offers practical training in culinary arts, customer service, and business management, preparing students for successful careers in this vibrant industry. Thus, enhance job creation and economic prosperity, particularly for young people and women seeking to build careers in hospitality.

The beauty industry offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic independence. Professional hairdressing and beauty training equip students with the skills to provide high-quality services, build loyal clientele, and run successful businesses. There is also Cosmetic and Makeup options for those who want to become professional makeup artist to enable students thrive in a dynamic and growing industry.

Graphic design and audio-visual editing are powerful skills in the digital age. Through creativity and technology, students can create compelling content that raises awareness and drives change. This course provides the skills needed to produce impactful visuals and narratives, empowering students to tell their stories, promote their businesses, work perfectly as part of a team and contribute meaningfully to the global dialogue on sustainable development.

Accounting and management skills are vital for the sustainable growth of any enterprise. This course aims to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders with the knowledge to manage finances effectively, make informed decisions, and ensure compliance with regulations. By promoting financial literacy and management expertise, we contribute to building robust businesses that can drive economic development and create job opportunities in the community. Available Diploma include; Computerized Accounting and management, Project Management, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Custom and Transit, Transport and Logistics and Taxation.

Automotive technology training provides the skills needed to maintain and innovate within the transportation sector. This course covers everything from basic vehicle maintenance to advanced automotive engineering, fostering expertise that can drive technological advancements and economic opportunities. It includes Motor mechanics, Electricity and Mechatronics for the development of a skilled workforce that can contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of the transportation industry.

Industrial training is essential for developing a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of modern industry. This course focuses on technical skills, safety practices, and hands-on experience, preparing individuals for careers in manufacturing, engineering, and other industrial sectors. By prioritizing industrial training, we lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth and job creation.

Agriculture and livestock training are crucial for ensuring food security and sustainable livelihoods. This course covers modern farming techniques, animal husbandry, and agribusiness management, equipping individuals to improve productivity and sustainability. Thus fostering the Agro-industry to improve rural development, economic prosperity, and resilience in the face of climate change.

Building and construction training prepares students for careers in one of the most vital sectors for economic development. This course covers everything from basic construction techniques to advanced project management, tile building, plumbing-sanitation, masonry, carpentry to empower a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of sustainable infrastructure development. Good contractors create resilient, safe, and sustainable communities.

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πŸ‘‰πŸ»In Yaounde, we are located at Quartier Fouda: Ancien SNEC Omnisport, opposite Clinique la CathΓ©drale: 

πŸ“žContact: 653 518 317/698 541 668 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Chateau-Ngoa-Ekelle: Immeuble Express Union.

πŸ“žContact: 653 518 317/698 541 668 

πŸ‘‰πŸ»In Douala, the campus is located between Ecole publique DEIDO and Boulangerie COAF, at Nouvel ISES; πŸ“žContact Douala: 654184051 / 691379599

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