Ingressive for good is a nonprofit organisation providing micro-scholarships, technical skills development and talent placement for African youths. Thanks to Ingressive for good, thousands of youths have been introduced to software development and design which has given them the right skills to find jobs or be self-employed. Ingressive for Good is currently sponsoring the training of +17000 youths on software development and design free of charge through Zuri team.

Zuri Team has been immensely successful in creating a global network of a highly adept intelligent workforce that can help your company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals.Zuri team empowers you to learn, build and grow throw zuri traing, zuri internship and zuri talent thus, a hands-on learning experience from beginner to expert. This training will be done online using slack, youtube,  zuriboard,  figma, github and many more as the students have chosen the track they want to learn like UI/UX design, frontend, backend and mobile app.

Zuri x I4G Training slack community is a very interactive place where organizers, mentors and tech students share ideas, program course, ask questions and play games with amazing prices to be won by the students. Although it might seem noisy because over 17000 people are communicating almost at the same moment, the various tracks have separate channels to ease communication. There are also channels like announcement and random that enables everyone find his/her way around the training.Also there is a zuriboard that carries detailed information about every student, their student ID, task, the track they have chosen to learn and their progress.

Our founder Ashu Ayem Nkumbe Maureen Akorsong is a proud student of mobile development track (JAVA/KOTLIN) as she seeks for skills that will enable Amaan Africa build a mobile app (ALA) for Cameroonian mother tongues which will go long way to promote and preserve our mother tongues for generations to come.

Source: https://zuri.team/

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