Do you know that ever since the launch of the second edition of Kendal Queen’s Magazine in July 2021 readers, bloggers, the media and fans are still hyping the event on social media platforms like twitter, facebook, whatsapp and instagram? We know you are eager to snap up a copy,  who doesn’t want to find out what was written about Syndy Emade, Dr Kate, William Nsai, Miss Beach Cameroun and the strong Ebony kissed skin an international model from the North region of Cameroon? just hold on a few more secs let us all behold the Queen behind this incredible magazine.

Queen’s magazine is a worldwide Fashion, and lifestyle magazine that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. It was founded in 2019 by Njilifac Queendoline popularly known as Kendal Queen and who happens to be the writer. If you want to experience the rich cultural diversity of Cameroon, let Kendal Queen’s magazine be your monthly update.


Queen’s magazine is a Yearly print and digital publication out to readers on monthly bases with a wild coverage of readers both offline and online,  national and international with incredible entertainment.

Queen’s magazine connects fashionistas and entertainers on an international scale especially within Africa.

Queen’s Magazine Aims at getting readers to purchase the magazine each day to learn the latest beauty tips and to find out how to upgrade their fashion, with almost no cost .

Not only does the magazine focus on fashion and beauty, but also many articles focus on culture and the media. 

Queen’s magazine will also focus on love, lifestyle, horoscopes as well as a guide where readers look for advice to live a life like celebrities. 

Queen’s Magazine will be open to partnership,  sponsorship,  for next editions,  advertise with us by contacting.

Order your copy world wide now

Whatsapp: +237 653 208 460

 Contact : +237 679 472 080

Email 1 njilifac.queendoline@gmail.com

Email 2 : shosaempire@gmail.com

Cost : 2000 FCFA ($4)

Link to Sneak peek of event launch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0kr2kzeqpl4


Kendal Queen is a Professional catwalk instructor and Fashion Model she’s the CEO of BAQ-MAKEOVER 

Kendal Queen hails from the south west region of Cameroon, lebialem division and Alou subdivision, from Nwametaw. She is 24years old, the 3rd from a polygamous family of 6, 4boys and 2girls and a twin at that with a boy by name Atabongafac Kingsley. A model, culture promoter and a makeup artist. She is a masters degree holder who loves being around people with positive energy, listening to music and reading books to entertain and inspire. Her hobbies include photo shooting, reading, cat walking and posing in front of the camera. Single and still searching for HE who can vibrate to these frequencies so that they can live in harmony. Lets share with you one last secret, she is crushing on Korede Bello.

Her Achievements

-Miss HTTC bambili 2015

-MISS MTN campus 2016

-Miss Talented Bamenda 2016

-Best makeup Artist 2021 at Hexagon recognition award

-best female model 2021 at hexagon recognition award

-best female runway model at CAMOFEST 2021

-category A1 model professional model instructor 

-Model/cultural promoter at the regional delegation of arts And culture Northwest region 

-best makeup artist at Nora brown makeup contest 2021

-Miss “Be the best” competition 2016

-Miss amaze the World 2015

-National director of Miss Akwa Ibom Africa Cameroon  

-Founder of the Kendal queens magazine

Kendal Queen’s tips on dealing with Setbacks

In her own words she shares with us her experience and how she manages setbacks, life can not be any easier ”I take in a deep breathe and keep moving no matter what, I Put God first , I analyze the situation on ground and I keep trying again and again until I finally get there, “I CANNOT DO IT” is not in my dictionary. 

Kendal Queen’s shoutout of gratitude

-a big shout out to the Ngemoh’s family 

-shout out to the CEO of SHOSA EMPIRE 

-Shout out to VUBAN Larissa (Missvy fabulous)

-Shout out t WEST SI cooperation, Le Katalogue, Just Original cooperation

-Shout out to all my family and friends 

The second edition of Kendal Queen’s Magazine was very successful and we all witnessed the massive support she got from colleagues , friends, and family. It was the real definition of #supportyourown, from the pictures we can see Kacy Banks aka Runwayking who is a model, Diamond proof an artist, model and photographer, just to name a few. Did you also notice the strong African Queen on the cover of Kendal Queen’s Magazine? Cameroon’s finest international fashion and photo model Marie Graobe.

Connect with Kendal Queen on social media and support her by buying her magazine, like and share her works, fund her projects or for partnership deals

Facebook : Kendal Queen 

Twitter : kendel_queen

Instagram : kendal Queen

Looking at Kendal Queen’s journey, we see a very skillful woman on a mission to change the narrative of Cameroon and Africa as a whole.

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