Good Deeds Day was launched in 2007 in Isreal by businesswoman and Philanthropist Shari Arison. GDD connects people and organizations working for a good course share value through networking, visibility, acceptance and trust.

‘I believe that if people will think good, speak good and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world.’ Shari Arison.

The day became International in 2011, with an increase of participants from around the Globe.

Since 2007 Good Deeds Day has been on a mission to unite people from +100 countries around the world in doing good deeds for others and the planet.

Join us and spread the good energy today.

Mahatma Ghandi said ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’

Show someone the road, follow who knows the road and we all will find ourselves, it’s a collective effort.

You don’t need to have money to do good.

A Good Deed Starts with a priceless Good intention.

Money cannot buy the things that really have value on earth like ;

Compassionate Love

A Smile

A Hug




Caring and the list is so long

To celebrate International Good Deeds Day 2023, Amaan Africa and WEADA Africa organized an empowerment training with 14 youths in Yaounde Cameroon, on the making and marketing of snacks(Pies) and liquid soap. After the practical process of the final products, we looked at ;

  • How to use digital marketing to sell their products(Pies and Liquid soup) to clients.
  • The power of ecommerce to small businesses
  • Creating a brand name for identification and uniqueness
  • Develop multiple streams of income 
  • Using Canva as content creation plug for their business

Next year Good Deeds Day will be celebrated on the 14th of April 2024

Register today and secure your spot to receive free tshirts for your advocacy using this link 👉🏼👉🏼

If you are interested in sharing the Good Vibe, start to think of volunteer ideas you can use to transform your community.

Good Deeds Day has hundreds of templates and ideas to assist you 👉🏼👉🏼 

You can solve a problem with one of the UN sustainable Development Goals (SDG1-17)

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