10 Netiquettes for Amaan Africa VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon

Netiquette is a combination of ‘net’ (internet) and ‘etiquette’ meaning etiquette governing communication on the Internet.

Netiquette is a set of rules and guidelines for online behavior, which includes principles such as being respectful, using proper grammar and spelling, not spamming or trolling, protecting personal information and respect for others’ privacy.

One key aspect of netiquette is to research before posting. Before making any statement or opinion online, it’s important to ensure that you have accurate information, so that you don’t spread misinformation or wrong conclusions. It’s also essential to edit and proofread your posts before submitting them to avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes which could potentially be misunderstood by other participants.

Another important aspect of netiquette is to acknowledge others when due. When replying or commenting on someone else’s post, it’s polite to thank the person for their contribution and show appreciation for their ideas. 

Our vision with Amaan Africa Volunteer Voices for Sustainable Development Goals (VOVO4SDG) Holiday Hackathon is to impact Content Developer skills to 200 African Youths and Women by teaching them how to use Canva software to enable them brainstorm in groups and prototype innovative solutions to address common challenges on the African continent inspired by UN SDG and AfCFTA 100% online.

These Digital Skills for life will kick start Entrepreneurship, Freelance, Advocacy and Activism.

It is important to put in place basic netiquettes for Amaan Africa VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon, as it will help participants communicate effectively with each other, and ensure mutual respect on Whatsapp, Canva, ITC ecomconnect community and social media.

Here are 10 netiquettes to follow during Amaan Africa VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon:

  1. Respect other participants and their ideas.
  2. Engage(like, comment , share and tag) Amaan Africa on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube
  3. Use these hashtags when commenting on social media during the Hackathon #vovo4sdg #hackathon #amaanafrica #amaandigital #afcfta #wyfei2030 #ecomconnect #sdg1 #africa.
  4. Collaborate and communicate with your team members.
  5. Use appropriate language when communicating with others.
  6. Do not copy others’ project ideas.
  7. Remember that an online classroom is still a classroom.
  8. Keep an open mind, Canva is easy to learn and very flexible.
  9. Be punctual and attend all scheduled events/classes.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

Let’s be guided and follow these simple rules to ensure all Youths and Women across +14 African countries interact and collaborate with each other for a successful Hackathon.

Registration for our Hackathon is ongoing

Register now and secure your spot from the 11th of May to 16th of June 2023 for Amaan Africa VOVO4SDG Holiday Hackathon.  https://forms.gle/yzDXcX2qJUZeoQcE9                          

Gifts and resources worth $25,000 awaits 200 African Youths and Women.

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Maureen Akorsong

Founder Amaan Africa/Amaan Digital

Brand Champ ITC ecomconnect

Country Rep Africa Women in Trade (AWT), Cameroon

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